MendMeShop Insider - Spring 2011 Edition Now Available - Learn Some Pleasurable and Painless Gardening Tips!


MendMeShop Insider - Spring 2011 - "The Bee's Knees of Gardening"

Our latest MendMeShop Insider E-Newsletter has just been released featuring a "Painless Gardening Checklist" that will surely get everyone ready for this year's gardening season!

Here are some tips you should consider when tending to your garden:

Start out slowly. Let your body remember the motions of gardening.

Vary your tasks frequently to allow muscles and joints to rest.

Avoid excessive bending, twisting, kneeling, reaching, or leaning.

Be aware of proper posture when listing, crouching and kneeling.

Take frequent breaks during the day.

Drink plenty of water to rehydrate your body and to feel more alert.

Stop gardening if you feel pain in your joints or muscles.

At the end of the day, treat your back, neck, knees and other overused body parts with a Freezie Wrap®. This will calm irritation, prevent morning pain, and reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries.


MendMeShop Insider - July 2010 Edition - Beating Your Plantar Fasciitis


MendMeShop Insider - July 2010 - Footloose & Fancy Free
Our latest MendMeShop Insider E-Newsletter has just been released featuring a...

"Treat Your Feet" Sale!

Get your choice of splint FREE (a $43.00 value)
when you buy a Plantar Inferno Wrap + Freezie Wrap

This offer is only valid from:
Wednesday July 28th, 2010 to Tuesday August 3rd, 2010.  

For details please see our July 2010 newsletter


"Heal Your Rotator Cuff" MendMeShop Ebook Now Available!


"Heal Your Rotator Cuff" is MendMeShop's 4th Ebook release and is now available for Kindle Users for only $0.99 in Amazon's Kindle Store!

Discover 3 easy treatments proven to heal rotator cuff injuries by downloading your copy today!

From the Publisher:

"Shoulder injuries often result in pain and swelling that can limit your range of motion, weaken your shoulder muscles, and cause discomfort at night while you sleep. While approximately 6 million individuals in the US suffer with shoulder injuries, many of them will only find temporary relief with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and cortisone or steroid injections. In some cases, given time and care, a rotator cuff tendon or muscle tear can heal itself. Unfortunately, this method is often a slow process and most likely results in the buildup of scar tissue leaving you with inflexible shoulder tissue that is prone to further injury.

By reading this book, you’ll learn about 3 alternative treatment methods you can use that are proven effective by other sufferers just like you. All 3 therapies are safe, painless and effective…with no harmful side effects. They are much less expensive than constant visits to a doctor or surgery and the technologies have been widely used and accepted by medical professionals for many years.
Read on and find out how to treat your rotator cuff and reduce your pain now! Don’t let your shoulder pain force you to make drastic lifestyle changes, pay far too much for treatment, or put your health at further risk – Take charge of your own health!"


Welcome to the MendMeShop Exclusive Blog!

MendMeShop offers several websites which feature products that provide pain relief for muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries. Through this Exclusive blog we will provide extra information about soft tissue injuries, website updates/launches, MendMeShop Insider e-newsletter releases, popular MendMeShop contests, product discounts and so much more. To learn more about MendMeShop and our Portable Ultrasound, Inferno Wrap, and Freezie Wrap products please visit our website. Also be sure to check out what we Tweet about on our Twitter profile!

MendMeShop Presents: "Heal Your Meniscus in 3 Easy Steps"!

MendMeShop Presents: "Heal Your Meniscus in 3 Easy Steps"!
"Heal Your Meniscus in 3 Easy Steps" ebook now available on Amazon for $0.99!
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"Beating Plantar Fasciitis Pain" Now Available for Your Kindle!

"Beating Plantar Fasciitis Pain" Now Available for Your Kindle!
Click to see MendMeShop's new ebook - now available on Amazon's Kindle Store!
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